Welcome to Litmus
We are here to help you make better marketing decisions. By combining the data stored in your IT systems with advanced statistical techniques we can provide valuable customer insights. As a result, you can focus your marketing effort to where it will have the greatest impact.
How we can help
We can help you improve your marketing effectiveness throughout the entire customer lifecycle; acquisition, value growth, and retention.
Customer Acquisition

Reduce your campaign costs by using a targeted approach.

How do we achieve this?
  • Improve prospect targeting

    Use a predictive model to identify prospects who are most likely to respond to your offer.

    How does this help?
    Reduce required size of prospect list
    Increase campaign response rate

  • Provide detailed prospect profiling

    Use external data sources (e.g. census and consumer research data) to create a demographic/psychographic profile of your prospect base.

    How does this help?
    Understand prospect base
    Develop targeted creative that resonates strongly with prospects
    Reduce required size of prospect list
    Increase campaign response rate

  • Improve campaign planning

    Implement a scientific approach to campaign planning using appropriate experiment design and controls. Provide comprehensive post campaign analysis.

    How does this help?
    Create focused campaigns
    Understand campaign performance
    Reduce required size of prospect list
    Increase campaign response rate

Customer Value Growth

Increase the value of your customer base by introducing marketing offers that increase customer revenue or reduce customer cost.

How do we achieve this?
  • Create a customer value metric

    Use customer related revenues and costs to calculate an actual $ value measure for each individual customer.

    How does this help?
    Identify customer behaviors that when changed will increase revenue and reduce costs

  • Implement value growth campaigns

    Create targeted campaigns using the value
    metric – this may include cross-sell and
    up-sell campaigns.

    How does this help?
    Change individual customer behaviors that result in increased customer value

Customer Retention

Improve your customer retention and value contribution by retaining your most valuable customers.

How do we achieve this?
  • Create a customer churn score

    Build a model to predict the likelihood of an individual customer defecting.

    How does this help?
    Identify individual customers that are at risk of defecting

  • Implement retention campaigns

    Create targeted campaigns using the churn score and value metric to select customers for retention activity.

    How does this help?
    Focus retention effort to where it is really needed

4 Ways you will benefit from working with us
1. Understand Your Customers

By using the transactional data held in your IT system we can improve your customer insight by analysing their actual behaviour and using this to drive targeted marketing activity.

2. Monitor Your Campaigns

By implementing a robust statistical testing approach we can provide a clear understanding of how your marketing campaigns are performing.

3. Manage Your Budget

We can build predictive models that ensure offers are only sent to customers who have a high likelihood of responding; thereby improving the effectiveness of your marketing budget.

4. Build Your Analytics Capability

We can help you engage in the right quick win projects and assist you in taking a phased approach to building your toolsets and team.

How to get started
We can get you started on your data driven marketing journey. Get in touch and we will work with you to create your "Data driven marketing road map" and guide you to a more measurable marketing future.